Terms of Service

These are concluded between:

- REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, an Indian company with registered office at hatiya gachi ward-31,Bihar, chaired by Mr Amanullah Khan, below, named iDebrid or Service.

- Any individual, individual or professional, private law or public law wishing to use the services offered by iDebrid, below, named the customer.

Article 1. Object

The purpose of the Contract is to define the terms of supply of the Services offered by iDebrid.

iDebrid is a non-anonymous proxy service that removes waiting limits on file hosting services, all accessible via the Internet from various devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). and through which the Customer can download data in peer-to-peer or direct link mode. The service is provided in monthly subscription format. These are limited in time and traffic. iDebrid may use services offered by other websites to add functionality.

The Customer expressly acknowledges that iDebrid does not participate in the design, construction, operation and administration of the data used and transferred by the Customer.

Article 2. Obligations of iDebrid

iDebrid is committed to:

- Provide a reliable and fast procedure to subscribe to all services offered.

- Ensure the maintenance of the highest quality of its tools and services put in place.

- Inform the Customer of the consumption of the traffic and the expiry of the subscribed offer.

- Provide access to the non-anonymous proxy system subscribed by the Customer. iDebrid may perform preventive or emergency maintenance operations (which may in some cases lead to service interruption).

- Intervene as soon as possible in the event of an incident for which he is liable.

- Encrypt the personal data of the Customer as recommended by the CNIL and prohibit any resale, rental or provision of such data to third parties, except on judicial or administrative request.

Article 3. Responsibility of iDebrid

The responsibility of iDebrid will not be engaged:

- In case of force majeure beyond its control (natural disasters, fires, electrical failures, networks, hardware or software, demand or requirement of the service stop ...)

- Due to the client (temporary or permanent ban of the account due to non-respect of the rules, loss of login credentials, account piracy, ...)

- In case of problems with the different payment companies (Allopass, Rentabiliweb, ...)

- In case of temporary unavailability of one or more services (file hosting services, debriefer, torrents, ...)

Any unavailability of the service and being the responsibility of iDebrid, the amount of damages that may be charged to iDebrid, will be limited to the amount of money paid by the customer to iDebrid (by deducting bank charges, payment platform fees such as Allopass, Rentabiliweb, ... as well as the VAT paid on the earnings received by the Customer) for the period in question. Only iDebrid and its teams are able to decide on an exceptional reimbursement of the Customer or an extension of the duration of the access, a duration greater than or equal to the unavailability of the service for the Customer.

Article 4. Obligations of the Client

iDebrid.com reserves the right to block a user account if there is abuse on the system. Abuse is for example, but not limited to, one of the following:

  • shared login access by shared login data
  • shared login access by other means like through server or vpn access
  • usage of account with several IPs in short time period (TOR, VPN access)
  • purchasing several memberships to circumvent account limitations
  • create several accounts to circumvent the affiliate program
  • reselling iDebrid.com access without the prior consent
  • accessing illegal webpages, especially, but not limited to: terrorism, online crime, child pornography
  • storing, accessing or processing of outright illegal or borderline legal content such as sexual or nudist depiction of minors, bestiality, material glorifying violence and other harmful practices
  • bypass the fair-use system
  • commercial use without the prior consent

Once blocked, it is in sole discretion of iDebrid.com to remove the account block. In case of a blocked account, there is no refund possible.

iDebrid.com has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its internet web site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by iDebrid.com. Use of any such linked web site is at the users own risk.

Members are responsible for keeping their login information confidential. Furthermore, lost login information due to using "1minute", "trashmail" and similair web services will not be able to be restored. iDebrid.com asks you to use a reliable email provider for the signup process.

Orders require the customer to pay a one-time fee. The customer hereby authorizes iDebrid.com to charge the users’ credit card or any other accepted payment method to pay for the membership. Please refer to our seperate refund policy found at the website.

iDebrid.com is not liable for the actions of its payment service providers.

Any vouchers or coupons for our service expire 12 months after creation if not stated otherwise.

The Client undertakes to have the power, the authority and the capacity necessary for the conclusion and the execution of the obligations stipulated in the contract. He also certifies the authenticity of his personal information provided during his registration.

The Customer is solely responsible for the content that has passed through his account and the provision to others of his files. The Customer undertakes to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, in particular those relating to computers, files, liberties and intellectual property, as well as the rights of third parties (right to image, right to privacy ...) and ensures that the data it sends to our network comply with these provisions.

The Customer is prohibited from transferring, copying, sharing data for which he does not have all the rights or if the authorization of the rights holders.

The Customer assumes full responsibility for downloading files transiting through our network using his customer account.

The Client is prohibited from using to download and / or share content likely to infringe public order or morality, incitement to racial hatred, terrorism, denialist, revisionist, violent, obscene, defamatory, zoophile , child pornography, pornographic ...

The Customer makes every effort to respect the commitments made hereunder by users to whom it allows access to our network via a non-anonymous proxy. The Customer can not under any circumstances sell, rent or make available free of charge his subscribed access after iDebrid. Failure by the Customer to comply with the above points, and in particular any activity that could lead to civil and / or criminal liability, will result in iDebrid's right to decay and / or discontinue without delay and without delay. the Customer's services shall remain prior and the contract terminated immediately and ipso jure, without prejudice to the right to any damages to which iDebrid could claim.

The Customer is prohibited from any commercial use of the Service, and he agrees to use the Service with good family.

The Service is intended for the general public, so it is not intended for professional use.

The Customer agrees to pay directly to the author of the claim any amount that it requires iDebrid. In addition, the Customer undertakes to intervene at the request of iDebrid to any suit brought against iDebrid as well as to guarantee iDebrid of all the convictions that would be pronounced against it on this occasion. Accordingly, the Customer undertakes to make his personal case any claim and / or procedure regardless of the form, object or nature that would be formed against iDebrid and that would be related to the obligations put to the Customer's responsibility under this contract.

It is the Customer's responsibility to check the correct operation of his computer or network equipment, his Internet access and to ensure that they allow him to enjoy the services offered by iDebrid.

Article 5. Conditions for making available

iDebrid starts the service from the validation of the email address of the Customer following an email automatically generated and transmitted by iDebrid during registration. This registration entitles him to a free quota to enable him to test the access to the network as well as the services offered.

Registration for Services offered by iDebrid is equivalent to acceptance of the contract.

Upon the purchase of access and its validation by the Customer following the code entered and validated on the site that has been previously transmitted by the payment companies (Allopass or Rentabiliweb), his account will be credited immediately the payment validated by iDebrid.

Article 6. Terms of use

iDebrid strives to make every effort to ensure the smooth operation and quality of the services offered.

The Customer acknowledges that the fluctuations of the bandwidth and the hazards of the various access providers are elements that can cause instability of the services independently of the will of iDebrid and external to its technical means.

iDebrid informs the Customer that the debit is in no way guaranteed. Indeed they can vary according to the load of the network and the affluence. Thus, the Customer will not be able to claim any compensation in the event of a bandwidth instability.

Article 7. Duration of the contract

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period, from the date of registration of the Client.

Article 8. Privacy Policy

For the duration of the contract, each party agrees not to disclose confidential information exchanged without the express prior consent of the other party.

However, the commitments made by each of the parties will not apply to the information to be disclosed under the applicable law or regulation, or in the event of a judicial or administrative injunction.

Article 9. Registration of data

In order to improve the experience and the pleasure of using the Service, but also to enforce the conditions of use and ensure the proper functioning of the Service, our servers can detect the IP address of the Customer's connection through to Internet technology. These IP addresses are recorded by our servers for internal use only (registration on the site, optimal use of downloads, cheat detection, ...).

iDebrid uses cookies for the convenience of the Customer by saving the connection to the site (thus avoiding unnecessary reconnections). We do not use any tracking method.

All payments made on our site are managed by third parties. Payments are secure and encrypted, under no circumstances will these companies be able to record the Customer's banking information.

The information of the files that the Client downloads (Name, size, source, ...) are recorded in a database for legal concerns as well as our internal use. All registered information is deleted within 1 year for reasons of security and internal service needs.

Article 10. Advertisements

Advertisements on iDebrid are offered by third-party companies. They may use data on Customer's visits to target content that may be of interest to them (Name, mailing address, etc. are excluded from this data).

For informational purposes, these same advertisements are present on the site in order to make the access to our proposed network available free of charge.

Article 11.1 Price and invoicing

The prices of services provided by iDebrid are subject to several rates based on the services provided.

Since the payment service is managed by third-party companies (Allopass, Rentabiliweb, ...) only these companies will be able to provide you with an invoice on request.

iDebrid does not provide automatic renewal. It is up to the Customer to ensure that his account is always creditor in order to continue to benefit from the services.

The customer is entitled to request a refund within a maximum period of 14 days after the activation of his VIP access only if it has not been used. In case of refund, the customer will be removed from the initial amount the operating costs taken by the companies.

Article 11.2 Payment by credit card

iDebrid reserves the right to refuse the operation of receipt of payment by Credit Card without the Customer being able to oppose it, particularly if:

- The customer does not have sufficient funds in his bank account

- If the Customer's Credit Card has expired or is not valid in India

- If there is suspicion of fraud

- If the transaction is made from a stolen or lost Credit Card

- If the transaction is refused by the Client's bank

In this case, iDebrid will inform the Customer as soon as possible and specify, if possible, the reason for refusal.

Article 11.3 Opposition, cancellation of a payment

In case of opposition or cancellation on a credit card payment already made by the customer, the latter is exposed to incompressible management fees:

- 60 $ TTC by opposition or cancellation

- Reimbursement of the amount initially paid for the VIP access (or refund of the days consumed on the basis of 0.20 $ including VAT per day + passage of the account in free mode)

When an opposition to payment has been detected, a first contact will be made with the Client to regularize this situation amicably.

Any time, without response from the Customer within 72 hours after sending the email, or if an agreement can not be found, the company REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED who publishes the site iDebrid will send to the legal service of the SAJE ( see article 16) all the information concerning the Customer (email, IP address, last two digits of the bank card, geolocation, etc.) so that the company REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED can assert its rights in court.

In case of transmission of your file to our legal service, a service fee of 150 $ TTC will be charged extra.

Article 12. Termination, limitation and suspension of the Service

Each party may terminate ipso jure and without compensation the contract in case of force majeure.

In other cases, the Customer is free to terminate the Contract by a simple letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the head office, subject to payment of all sums due. Any request for cancellation will be effective within a maximum of 10 days and will result in the deletion of the account and all data related thereto.

iDebrid reserves the right not to renew the Services offered. iDebrid will then notify the Service of termination by electronic communication to the Customer.

iDebrid reserves the right to immediately suspend the Service to comply with any court or administrative decision or to comply with the law.

Article 13. Newsletter and mailing

By registering on iDebrid, you agree to receive promotional offers and a newsletter by email from the site.

You can at any time oppose these emails by unsubscribing from our mailing list upon receipt of the first email, or by contacting our support to delete the email in our database.

Article 14. Deletion of data

You have a right to access and rectify personal data about you. You may at any time request that information about you be deleted.

You can exercise this right by sending a request to the support who will explain the procedure to follow.

Upon receipt of the mail, iDebrid agrees to the deletion of all data from the Customer within 10 days. He will be notified by e-mail of the implementation of his request.

Article 15. Declaration of illegal content

iDebrid gives the possibility to its Clients to download all types of files using a non-anonymous proxy. In accordance with Article 4. of the same general conditions of use, the Customer is solely responsible for the files it downloads and in no case iDebrid can not be held responsible for data transiting on its network and servers .

In accordance with the law, a third party has the right to report illegal content and require the blocking of access to it, if he has the rights.

Upon receipt and after review of the application, iDebrid undertakes to block access to the relevant content within 48 hours working days.

An email will be sent to confirm the blocking of the requested content.

Article 16. Intellectual Property

The general structure of iDebrid, as well as the texts, graphics, images, sounds and videos composing it, are the property of the publisher or its partners. Any representation, reproduction, partial or total exploitation of the contents and services offered by iDebrid, by any means whatsoever, without the prior written authorization of the manager of the company REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED and its partners is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement and following of the Code of the intellectual property.

iDebrid and REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED trademarks are registered trademarks. Any representation, reproduction, partial or total exploitation of these marks and their associated services, of any nature whatsoever, is totally prohibited.

Thus, in case of proven counterfeiting, both in terms of general graphics, images, software and / or services offered, will lead to legal proceedings without notice by the law firm Mr Amanullah Khan who is in charge of the legal follow-up of the company REDHAWK TECHNOLOGIES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED.

(Updated on 22/02/2019)